IHG Rewards Club Summer 2013 Promotion Guide


IHG Rewards Club (Priority Club’s name is changing on July 1 – read more about coming changes here) has plethora of promotions going on at the moment and I thought that it would be a good idea to try summarizing them all in one article.


The number of different types of promotions that the IHG Rewards Club may sometimes have simultaneously is very confusing even for someone that follows them as closely as I do (you can read more about different types of promotions here) and reading the promotional terms and conditions, when available, don’t always help either.

Some of these promotions may require you to be an elite member with IHG Rewards Club. You can always get Platinum Le Club Accorhotels status (follow my instructions here) and then do a status match with IHG Rewards Club Platinum (read more about Priority Club status match here).

Please note that I cannot guarantee that all these bonus offer will work for your account. Some of them might have geographical restrictions. I have not included any of the airline related bonus offers that IHG Rewards Club has. I believe that it is far better deal to collect IHG Rewards Club instead of airline miles considering the number of offers out there.

Double Points or Miles + Night Based Additional Bonus

This is IHG Rewards Club public promotion for the summer (June 1 to July 31). You will ear double points starting on your second stay (from first at Candlewood or Staybridge Suites).


IHG Rewards Club Promotion: Double Points Or Miles Starting On Second Stay June 1 to July 31

Once you have registered for this promotion, you should then shortly receive an offer for additional night based bonuses starting at 2500 bonus points after 3 nights to all the way to 30,000 bonus points after 25 nights.


IHG Rewards Club Stay Bonuses: June 1 to July 31

You can pick up one of the options that I have presented and register for it. You cannot change the number of nights once you have registered, so choose very carefully.

Vacation Pay ($50 for 2 weekend nights) and Sweetheart ($100 for every three nights) Rebates

IHG Rewards Club is also offering two separate rebate promotions that are valid for residents of the US and Canada.


IHG Rewards Club Vacation Pay Registration Now Open: Get Up To $200 Back

Vacation Pay is a $50 rebate via prepaid MasterCard for every two night weekend stay during the promotional period and you can earn this four times.


Priority Club Sweetheart $100 Honeymoon Rebate Deal Is Back For 2013

Sweetheart is a $100 rebate for every three nights stayed within 90 days of getting married. You can earn this rebate unlimited times and it is combinable with the Vacation Pay.

If you got married and had a three night weekend stay, you could get total of $150 back in these rebate cards alone before factoring in the other points that you would earn.

1000 Bonus Points Per Stay For 60 and 90 Days After Registration (Two Promotions & 2000 Points Per Stay)

IHG Rewards Club has two separate “Anniversary Bonus” offers for 1000 bonus points PER stay. One is valid for 60 days after registering and the other one is valid for 90 days.

IHG Rewards Club Promotion: 1000 Bonus Points Per Stay For 60 Days

IHG Rewards Club Anniversary Bonus Offer Of 1000 Bonus Points Per Stay For 90 Days

You can earn both of these bonuses unlimited times during 60 and 90 days and they are combinable. You should register for these two promotions, when you have lots of stays coming up during the next 60 and 90 day period to max the number of bonus points that you earn from your stays.

Elite Member Next Stay Bonus 3000 Bonus Points For Stay – Two Separate Offers For Total Of 6000 Bonus Points

There are two separate “Elite Member Next Stay” bonus offers and both are for 3000 bonus points for a stay and they are combinable for total of 6000 bonus point for a stay.

IHG Rewards Club Promotion: Elite Member Next Stay Bonus Of 3000 Points

IHG Rewards Club Promotion: Elite Member Next Stay Bonus Of 3000 Points (2nd!)

The terms say that this promotion is for an elite member and I know for sure that Platinum qualifies. I am not sure about Gold members.

Welcome Back (1500 Points) + Next Stay Bonus (1500) + New Member Bonus (1550) Offers

Then there are these three additional offers that should work for all regardless of their IHG Rewards Club status (get the Platinum status though using my instructions above!).

IHG Rewards Club Welcome Back Bonus Of 1500 Points

Priority Club Next Stay Bonus Offer 1500 Bonus Points

IHG Rewards Club Promotion: New Member Bonus Of 1550 Points

There is a Welcome Back bonus offer for 1500 points, Next Stay Bonus offer for 1500 points and New Member Bonus (works for old accounts as well) for 1550 bonus points. The last offer will post as 1500 points and another line for 50 points. Don’t ask me why….

Weekend Stay Offer For 5000 Bonus Points


Priority Club Promo For 5000 Bonus Points For Two Night Weekend Stay

IHG Rewards Club has a weekend stay bonus of 5000 bonus points for those that have their account address in the United States. You just need to have a two night (or longer) weekend stay to get the 5000 bonus points.

Winback Promotion For 10,000 Bonus Points For 3 Stays


IHG Rewards Club Winback Promotion For 10,000 Bonus Points After Three Stays

This promotion requires you to have your account address in AMEA (Asia, Middle East & Africa) and offers 10,000 bonus points for three stays. It is unclear if this works for other accounts besides those that were originally emailed this offer. It does let you register.

Double Points For One Midweek Stay In Europe


IHG Rewards Club Promotion: Double Points For One Midweek Stay In Europe

IHG has a double points offer for one midweek stay in Europe at participating hotels. You can earn the double points one time.

1000 Bonus Points For One Stay In Canada

IHG Rewards Club Promotion: 1000 Bonus Points For A Stay In Canada

This is a continuing offer from previous years and won’t work if you have done it already. You will receive 1000 bonus points after one stay in Canada.

Holiday Inn Resorts Travel Gift Card Offer

Holiday Inn Resort Up To $100 Travel Gift Card Offer

You can get up to $100 in travel gift cards for a stay at Holiday Inn Resort locations in the United States. There aren’t that many Holiday Inn Resort locations.

Getting Cashback For Your Stays

InterContinental Hotels Group has had very good cashback offers for stays via MrRebates, Ebates, TopCashback (US), TopCashback (UK), Quidco (UK) etc, but these were all withdrawn last month. It is unclear at this time, when they will return (if at all).

You can still get 5 Mypoints per USD that you can later convert to gift cards (for US residents) or United miles (should work for all).

I can refer you to the service, but you need to email me you first and last name. I will get the invitation on your way as soon as I can. You will receive 750 bonus points for making a purchase f $20 or more through the service, so one hotel booking would be enough.

Some Random Promotions

Here are few promotions that I have not written previously, because I have not been able to confirm if they work or not.

Please leave a message below if any of these offers post for your or if you have more information about them.

5000 Point Platinum Bonus

There was a similar offer last year for 5000 bonus points for making Platinum. Some members were emailed this one, but it never worked for me. It will allow you to register, so it might work for you.

The promotion code for this one is 4777 and you can register for it here.

1000 Point Gold Bonus Offer

This is likely 1000 bonus points for a IHG Rewards Club Gold account after one stay. The promotion code for this is 2670 and you can register for it here.

Book Direct 2013

This promotion starts in July and I would advise against registering for it before we know more. There was a similar book direct campaign last year (you can read more about it here). The promotion code for this one is 2619 ad you can register for it here.

Business Stayers Earn More

I have not been able to confirm this promotion, but you can try registering promotional code 4644 and you can do it here.

Plains, Trains & Automobiles

As was the case with the previous one, this promotion is unclear as well. The promotion code is 3784 and you can register for this offer here.

Delayed Fulfillment Global

No idea what this one is about, but the promo code is 1965 and you can register for this promotion here.

Business Transient Offer

This is one of those mysterious bonus offers as well. The promotion code for this one is 2948 and you can register for this offer here.


I have tried to my best to summarize the promotions that IHG Rewards Club is having this summer. As you can see, there are quite a few of them and you can combine most of them.

If I have missed any on going IHG Rewards Club promotion, you can always drop me an email or leave a comment below.

I have to thank LoyaltyLobby reader Michael that emailed me most of the one time bonus offers that are listed here.