Swissotel Circle Eleva Status After One Stay For Etihad Guest Gold Elite Members (And Maybe For Others Too)


Swissotel Circle has a fast track offer for Eleva status after just one stay for Etihad Airways Guest frequent flyer program’s Gold Elite members.

Edit: This article has been corrected to reflect that this Swissotel account upgrade is ONLY available for Etihad Guest Gold ELITE members. 


Eleva status usually requires 20 nights, but this fast track offer only one. There are some other offers for Eleva status after three nights for some bank credit card holders. You can access this offer on Etihad’s website here and on Swissotel’s website here.


Eleva is a middle level status within the Swissotel Circle program that has tangible benefits such as executive lounge access, complimentary breakfast and complimentary business internet access (faster than basic).




The number of Swissotel hotels around the world is rather low, but they are present in most key locations.


Per the information on Swissotel’s website for Etihad Gold  Elite members, you just need to use the promotional code ETIH10 during the sign up process.


This, however, just returns “Promotion code is invalid” message. This offer is also available for existing members and Swissotel has instructions on their website to contact the customer service and request them to add the promotional code ETIH10 to ones account.

I emailed the Circle’s customer service to find out if this fast track offer was property applied to my account and if not apply it.

Not sure what methods Swissotel Circle is going to use to authenticate that only eligible Etihad Guest Gold Elite members would be eligible for this offer. There is no way to even include your Etihad Guest number besides designating them as your preferred airline to earn miles from your stays.


The last time I stayed at a Swissotel hotel was 1995 in Seoul. Apparently, the hotel has left the Swissotel portfolio.

I am going to take advantage of this offer, as I have contemplate of staying at their Bangkok hotel few times, but without any status (beyond Fairmont’s Platinum that gets you some benefits at Swissotels) it has not really been an option.

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