Norwegian’s Rocky Long-haul Service Start?


There was an interesting piece on the Telegraph’s website (you can access the article here) about the complaints that the Norwegian discount carrier had received after launching its first long-haul flights.


Seems that they have taken the short-haul discount concept to long-haul flights and don’t provide ANY service without having to swipe your credit card first.

This may work for short-haul flights, where people have very low expectations nowadays even from the so called “full” service airlines, but nobody has really tried the same on longer flights.

I would expect, at the minimum, that the non-alcoholic beverages would be free. I think that most of the people can go without eating food on the airplane for few hours considering the (low) quality of the economy offerings today.


Let’s hope that Norwegian can recover this not so great publicity about their long-haul operations launch and to learn that maybe they shouldn’t charge for coffee & tea on these flights. Also, providing a blanket for a freezing teen shouldn’t be overly complicated.

I have flown Norwegian once from Oulu to Helsinki (intra-Finland service) couple of years ago. If the flight been delayed by 10 more  minutes, the European Union mandated passenger compensation scheme would have kicked in. But at least they provided vouchers for a snack and beverage.

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