World Airline Awards 2013 (Read It And Weep)


In the past 24 hours, I have received number of emails from various airlines touting their winnings at the Skytrax orchestrated World Airline Awards that were given out this week. You can access World Airline Awards website here.


There are so many categories on these awards and most of them are further geographically divided that everybody won something.


So this year Emirates came at the top and Qatar Airways was the second. Both of these airlines are fine once you are in the air, but their ground operations and problem resolution both leave a lot to be desired.


I don’t understand, how someone could rate Qatar’s Business Class lounge at the Premium Terminal higher than Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at the London Heathrow?


These World Airline Awards are based on surveys that air passengers can fill out on Skytrax’s website. You should have a look at their World Airline Awards website to see if you agree with the results.

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