U.S. Travel Association Daily Getaways Fourth Week: IHG Rewards Club (Again!) & Wydham Rewards


U.S. Travel Association’s Daily Getaways are now announced for the fourth week from July 1 to July 4, 2013.


As usually, you can save extra 10% by paying using an American Express credit card. You can access U.S. Travel Association’s website for Daily Getaways here.

Daily Getaways Fourth Week July 1 to July 4


IHG Rewards Club

– IHG Rewards Club 50,000 points for $325 ($292.50) – 1250 available – max 4

– IHG Rewards Club 15,000 points for $100 ($90) – 2500 available – max 5

– IHG Rewards Club 25,000 points for $167 ($150.30) – 2000 available – max 4

– IHG Rewards Club 100,000 points for $630 ($567) – 1000 available – max 3

IHG Rewards Club has a very high number packages available at this time. The price of a points varies from low 0,63 cents to 0,67 cents without Amex. The price with the Amex is as low as 0.567 cents per points. This is the lowest price that you can buy IHG Rewards Club points.

Wyndham Rewards

– Wyndham Rewards 14,000 points for $84 ($75.60) – 500 available – max 2

– Wyndham Rewards 32,000 points for $192 ($172.80) – 450 available – max 1

– Wyndham Rewards 40,000 points for $240 ($216) – 440 available – max 1

– Wyndham Rewards 60,000 points for $360 ($324) – 100 available – max 1

– Wyndham Rewards 75,000 points for $450 ($405) – 200 available – max 1

The price of a Wyndham Rewards point under this 2013 offer is 0.6 cents each or 0.54 cents if paid using American Express card.

You can transfer Wyndham Rewards points to number of airlines at 30,000 points to 12,000 airline miles. You could consider buying airline miles at 1.5 cents each or 1.35 cents if paying using American Express. I would not transfer these points to airline miles immediately, but would rather wait for a hotel points conversion bonus that airline programs tend to offer frequently.

Here’s comparison what Wyndham Rewards was charging back in 2012:


Compared to 2012 the price of a Wyndham Rewards points is more than doubled in some instances. You can access my 2012 post here.


It is interesting to see that IHG Rewards Club has such a high number packages for the second time on 2013. They really want to sell lots of points.

The Wyndham Rewards points have been a deal on previous Daily Getaway and are still not bad IF you can wait for a hotel point to airline conversion bonus.

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