Aeroflot Ditches SkyTeam In Favor Of Star Alliance?


There was an article on Reuters yesterday (read it here) that was referring to a Russian publication Kommersant about Aeroflot’s preference of Star Alliance over SkyTeam due to unfavorable agreements with i.e. Delta.


The article also states that some board member had said that it was unlikely that they would drop the alliance unless there was a political reason to do so. The board member also continues that the airline would likely join the Star Alliance that would help it to become more competitive.


I am going to use a direct quote for one sentence that I don’t quite get: “As a member of SkyTeam, which brings together 19 global airlines, Aeroflot cannot undercut prices offered by other members…”. Usually alliance airlines are not allowed to collude on pricing unless they have been granted a joint venture (JV) on some specific routes that is usually the case with transatlantic flights i.e. AA/BA/IB JV.


Oneworld has Siberian Airlines (S7) as an alliance member and SkyTeam has Aeroflot. Star Alliance has nothing.

Based on my personal experiences, the SkyTeam is the most dysfunctional alliance dominated by Delta & Air France-KLM. It is my least preferred of the three. I would welcome Aeroflot leaving SkyTeam and becoming Star Alliance member.

There is also negotiations going on for Visa free travel between Schengen countries and Russia that would make ad hoc travel between these two blocks easier.

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