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WSJ: Airline Seats That Are Reserved For Elites Only


There is a good piece on the WSJ about airline seat selection and how airlines are trying to “trick” you to pay for a seat, although more seat selection is likely available closer to departure. You can access the article here OR you can use Google to search for “Airline Seats Available for Elite Fliers Only WSJ” to access the entire article.


Airline are today very hard at pushing all kind of premium or preferred seating and elite members typically have those for free. Non-elite members are often presented hardly any other choices that some middle seats on the back and even families are often seated apart from each others.

Hyatt Summer 2013 Promotion Call In & Request


Hyatt sent out email at the end of June with targeted offers for bonus point for stays between June 27 and September 30, 2013. Seems that Hyatt was trying to activate members that hadn’t had stays for a while. You can read my article about that promotion here.


If you didn’t receive any offers or you received an offer that you don’t like, it could be worth calling Hyatt Gold Passport and request them to sign you up for a version that you like. Friend of mine that was not targeted to any of these just called Hyatt and they signed him up with a promo version that he preferred.

Forbes Article About Marriott’s Transformation

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There is an interesting article this week on Forbes print edition (you can access it online here) about Marriott hotels and people behind it. I think that you should read it if you are interested in about hotels in general.


The articles and the video touches the fact that the company only owns or holds the title for mere 5 of the 3800 or so hotels under the Marriott family of hotels. All the others are owned REIT’s (Real Estate Investment Trusts) and that 43% of Marriott’s hotel rooms are managed by Marriott and 54% are franchised.

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