Hyatt Summer 2013 Promotion Call In & Request


Hyatt sent out email at the end of June with targeted offers for bonus point for stays between June 27 and September 30, 2013. Seems that Hyatt was trying to activate members that hadn’t had stays for a while. You can read my article about that promotion here.


If you didn’t receive any offers or you received an offer that you don’t like, it could be worth calling Hyatt Gold Passport and request them to sign you up for a version that you like. Friend of mine that was not targeted to any of these just called Hyatt and they signed him up with a promo version that he preferred.

Here’s the reminder about the offers:

– 5,000 bonus points for one stay (max 5K)

– 3,000 bonus points per stay for up to three stays (max 9K)

– 5,000 bonus points after two stays (max 5K)

– 2,000 bonus points per stay for up to four stays (max 8K)


Call Hyatt and request them to sign you up for your preferred version of the promo, if you didn’t receive the offer or the offer that you received is not something that you like. Hyatt seems to be allowing customer service to sign up accounts that were not originally targeted.

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