Genius Award


Have you been booking a lot with If you have, you likely received an email from them in the past week offering 10% discount at many of the hotels for being a genius. The extra discount is valid until November 15, 2013.


LoyaltyLobby reader send me an email that he had received from Apparently, there are quite a few hotels that are offering this 10% discount, but some of the chain hotels are excluded. is very strong with independent hotels and has a very large percentage of European online hotel bookings at 47% according to an article on Barron’s.


This is a nice discount for those that book a lot with and prefer to stay with non-chain affiliated hotels.

It is quite surprising that has not yet introduced their own loyalty program, although you can often get quite generous cashback via one of the cashback sites (read more getting cashback for your travel purchase here).

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