Reminder To Book Hotel Stays Both Paid & Award Night By Night


It would be a time to remind all the readers that they should consider booking paid and award stays one night at a time even for longer stays. I have again received couple of emails from the readers in the past week that have run into problems, when trying to shorten award stays.


1. Reader booked a stay under the old Hilton HHonors award schedule

Hilton changed the number of points required for award nights back in March and it made a lot sense to book reservations under the old award chart especially at the very high end properties such as the Conrad Maldives.

Reader wanted to shorten the stay and had contacted the Hilton HHonors that would have been willing to refund the points and book under the new point requirements.

This could have been avoided had the reader booked the stay night by night, unless there was an award discount for multiple night stay.

2. Trying To Shorten IHG Rewards Club Points Breaks stay

Well. The same answer from IHG Rewards club. You can cancel the entire stay and rebook. Solution would have been to book night by night.

What to consider?

– Some hotels may have minimum stay requirement that applies to award stays as well. Then you may have to book longer stay.

– Programs can have a discount for longer stays (Hilton, Marriott & Starwood) and it makes sense to book the five night stay as one reservation.

– Sometimes longer stays are not available, as one reservation, if the same bed type i.e. king is not available for all nights.

– Hotel can link multiple reservations at the time of check in, so that check out/check in is not required every day.


It has always been my advise that everyone should book award and paid stays one night at a time even for longer stays to keep maximum flexibility.

Flights get canceled, delayed, rebooked etc. and it is not unusual to arrive a day later than originally planned or maybe you need to depart day early. Having booked day by day, it is easier to deal with the situations, as you only cancel the night and rest of the nights are not affected.

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