Delta Backpedaling On Same-day Changes For Elites

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Delta made some negative enhancements to its Same-day Confirmed-program back in April this year by shortening the change window from same day as the originally scheduled flight + within three hours of the new flight to just three hours before/after the originally scheduled flight AND the same booking class had to be available. Same-day change was still going to be available for $50 fee.


Now, Delta is backpedaling on the changes and the same-day $50 fee is waived for Gold, Platinum, and Diamond members. The original booking class, however, still needs to be available.


Delta is also extending the definition of the same-day to be up to 24 hours before the originally scheduled flight from just the same calendar day. This is more inline what United does. Delta is expected to launch this change by late August.

You can access Delta’s website for these same-day changes here.


The email states that Delta listens to its customers and is doing this change based on the feedback received. I doubt that this is the case. Likely the fee take has been less than planned and maybe some fliers have decided to patronize American, United or some other airlines instead.

If Delta would listen to its customers, they would have fixed the terrible online award calendar and booking system many moons ago.

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