Hyatt Gold Passport Email Statement Now Shows Lifetime Balances


Hyatt Gold Passport has been sending out today new email account statements that show both the earned lifetime base and total points. Previously, you had to contact the customer service to get the lifetime base points number.


The distinction between these two is important due to the lifetime status requirement of one million earned BASE points.

Base points are purely points that you have earned for your Hyatt spend and does not include any bonuses. If you have credited some stays towards airline miles, they have not earned you any base points.

Total points are all the Hyatt Gold Passport points that you have eared over the years such as Diamond Welcome Amenities, bonus points, customer service points, credit card points etc. The number of lifetime total points that you have earned has no meaning.

You can learn more about the lifetime Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond requirements here.


Seems that I have earned about eight times more total points compared to base ones in all the years that I have participated to Hyatt’s program. This illustrates the number of good promotions that Hyatt used to have.

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