Whine Wednesdays: Delay Due To Connecting Passengers


Some airlines tend to close their flights on time and some may wait for more than an hour (or even more) for delayed connecting passengers.


I had to book a flight last week unexpectedly and at a very last minute to make it to a friend’s funeral in Thailand. I was in Vilnius (Lithuania) and there weren’t many options to choose from at the last minute, but managed to book something reasonable on Aeroflot with rather long 12-hour transit in Moscow.

Apparently, some short-haul connections feeding the Bangkok flight were arriving late and they decided to delay the Bangkok flight by more than an hour.

Delaying flights for connecting passengers pros:

Could be cheaper for the airline that don’t have to rebook/accommodate for missed connections that is especially problematic in Moscow due to Visa restrictions

– Not necessarily problem for those that have the city as their final destination

Delaying flights for connecting passengers cons:

– Missing connections in destination those that fly beyond

– Delay arriving to meetings etc.

– You may be relying to public transportation options at the destinations that won’t be operating in case of delayed late flights

Don’t expect the airline to hold flights

How many times have I heard the flight attendants making in-flight announcements that connecting flights are held for passengers knowing that this would certainly not be the case.

If your original flight is delayed creating a connection that is below the MCT (Minimum Connecting Time) at the transfer airport, you should ask the airline to rebook you to your ticketed destination using other airlines as needed.

There is no point departing in from Amsterdam knowing that you will have busted connection in Moscow, if the airline could simply book you to the final destination, in this case Bangkok, via numerous other options such as direct KLM flight.


I belong to the camp that wouldn’t mind 10 to 15 minutes delay, but anything beyond that and airline should just leave the delayed passengers behind and rebook them.

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