Christopher Elliott’s Latest Rant About Hotel Minibars On USAToday


LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a link to an article by Christopher Elliott on USAToday, where the author rants about the hotel minibars and would like to have them banned by law. You can access this article on USAToday’s website here.


I couldn’t disagree with Mr. Elliott more. Nobody forces the hotel guest to consumer something from the minibar. I consider them to be there in case that I need a diet soda late at night or maybe some orange juice. Should I go grocery shopping before checking in to a full service hotel?

Yes. The minibar items usually are expensive, but you pay for the convenience. Friend of mine once commented that he hates hotel minibars due to late night urges that sometimes lead to unplanned minibar spend.


This is about the most ridiculous piece by Mr. Elliott that I have seen. If you don’t like minibars or the minibar pricing, nobody is forcing you to consume any of the items available.

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