Update On June & July Etihad Guest Gold Status Matches


Etihad has now had status match campaigns both in June and July for instant Gold status for emailing them about the similar status you have with competing airlines. You can read my articles about these campaigns here and here.


I did this by myself last year and received the Gold status without any problems, although it took a while. You can read about the process last year here.

Now, there has been several comments from LoyaltyLobby readers and my friends that have sent in the required documentation, but have not heard anything back from Etihad. Fiend of mine received the following email after bugging Etihad Guest on their Facebook page:



Considering that Etihad is trying to solicit business from competing airlines elite members by matching their status, it is weird that they don’t inform you about the status of the match at all.

Seems that they are really trying to enforce this for the first 500 that emails the required information to Etihad. They should, however, acknowledge the receiving of the documents and keep the member updated about the process of the status match.

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