Compensation Clinic: LA Ho(s)tel Hyatt (Former Marriott Los Angeles Downtown)

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LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email about the problems encountered at the LA Hotel that is becoming Hyatt after renovations. This hotel used to be known for years Marriott Los Angeles Downtown hotel.


The hotel was in bad shape at the end of its years as a Marriott. I stayed there several times and the normal rooms were just awful, although the Vista suites were very nice. It is always problematic to turn old hotels to “new” ones, as they would require significant budget to fix basically everything. It is usually just easier to reflag an old Marriott to Holiday Inn or Ramada etc.


Problems encountered:

– Alarm clock had gone off at 5AM

– Faulty AC unit. It had sounded like a waterfall and engineering had told that they would need to remove the entire unit in order to have it fixed.

– Plumbing issues. Sewerage had burst to the shower and sink area. Also, the toilet had smelled terrible.


The hotel had offered 10,000 points for the problems encountered.

My take

I just hate when the alarm clocks go off at a weird hours. Housekeeping should make sure that they are turned off when making the room. Sometimes it is impossible to find out how to turn them off, so I usually just unplug the whole unit.

The AC unit and plumbing issues are exactly what you can expect when staying at an old hotel and fixing these is usually very expensive. It is cheaper than just paint the rooms and change the furniture than fully renovate the hotel.


The compensation offered to the LoyaltyLobby reader was adequate, but it would likely be better in the long term to fix the issues themselves.

Remember that you can always send me an email about the problems that you have encountered during the travels and what you were compensated by the travel provider. I post the best ones in coming Sundays.

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