Compensation Clinic: Canceled ANA Flight


LoyaltyLobby reader was set to fly on ANA flight from Yangon to Tokyo and then to United States. ANA canceled the RGN-NRT flight and neither Expedia who issued the ticket nor ANA informed the passenger about this.


The passenger had to book oneway RGN-NRT on another carrier, as ANA had no employees at the airport who could have rebooked him or resolved the issue.

Who is to blame here?

Both Expedia and ANA. Expedia as the travel agent should have notified the passenger and worked with ANA for accommodation on other airlines if needed.

The reader had contacted ANA and Expedia regarding the expenses incurred due to cancellations and both parties had blamed each other.

Resolving the issue


As neither Expedia nor ANA was willing to reimburse for the incurred expenses, the reader decided to hire an attorney to pursue for the costs in Germany.

After few rounds of letters, the ANA had agreed to pay for around 800 euros as a compensation for the expenses incurred.


Sometimes hiring an attorney and have them to draft a letter is the only way to make these travel provider to pony up, what they are contractually obliged to do.

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