My Opinion About The AA’s Fast Track Gold, Platinum & EXP Offer


Last week, AA decided to run a very good fast track offer that they advertised on LinkEdIn and some other social networks. The registration for this offer was supposed to last until August 27, but AA decided to end the fast track promotions few hours later.


I cannot fathom how AA could not have predicted that these offers that were not targeted in any shape of form would not get publicity beyond the intended audience?

Some have emailed the American Airlines & AAdvantage and received replies like the one below:

Thank you for contacting AAdvantage® Customer Service.

After research, we confirmed that your AAdvantage number and email
address were not included in the targeted promotion you mentioned. We
cannot say how you received an email purporting to be from American
Airlines and offering you the promotion designed for other audiences.
We’re sorry to disappoint you.

While this offer is only available to those customers for whom it was
designed, please be assured that this does not detract from your value
to us as an AAdvantage member. We appreciate your business and hope to
welcome you aboard soon.

Thank you for participating in the AAdvantage program. We appreciate
your business.

I really don’t think that a reply like this means a lot. None of the promotions were targeted. I had (and still have) the original terms and conditions of the promotions up here. There is NO mention anywhere that the offer would have been targeted.

How could AA even target something that they put up on their LinkEdIn page? You click it, I click it, and hundreds of other people click and and sign up. There is no way for AA to distinguish those that happened to saw it on their LinkEdIn page and those that heard about it elsewhere.

I am quite confident that AA will do the right thing at the end that is to honor all the sign ups that were done before the promotions were taken down.

It is not like with the other targeted fast track promotions that you would get the status up front. You need to fly certain number of miles by the end of 2013 before the new status kicks in.

The 30,000 mile requirement for getting an EXP is about the same as the prorated number of flight miles required for EXP status within 12 month period but in four months time.


American really messed up with this promotion and should get their act together and honor it for those that sign up on time. Saying that offer was “targeted” when it fact it was not is not the right way to do business.

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