IHG Rewards Club Terms & Conditions Update: Transferability Of Points Upon Death

IHG Rewards Club updated its Terms and Conditions on Friday by adding a clause that deals with the transferability of points upon account holder’s passing away:


Transfer of IHG® Rewards Club Points Upon Death. When an IHG® Rewards Club member passes away, the member’s IHG® Rewards Club points may be transferred to the IHG® Rewards Club account(s) of the member’s beneficiary(ies). The request for transfer should be sent to the IHG® Rewards Club Service Center by the executor or administrator of the decedent’s estate, along with court documents showing authority, or by a sole beneficiary, along with copies of the decedent’s will and death certificate. The request must be received within one (1) year of the date of death. Transfer fees will be waived.


It is welcomed that IHG Rewards Club has decided to address the issue of transferability of points after account holder’s death. My advise is always not to hoard points but rather use them while still alive, however.

You can always just leave your IHG Rewards Club account number and PIN to the person that can have your points after you pass away. The beneficiary can just add him or her as the second guest and use the points until they are depleted.

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