Whine Wednesdays: Lying Airlines


The summer travel has been in full swing in the past couple of weeks. I have seen few travel wrecks on my personal Facebook stream caused by the airline flight delays and cancellations that the airlines have not taken care of property.


The airline in the case above had claimed that there were no other way from Barcelona to Honolulu than two days later. The passenger had not been offered or informed about his rights under the EC 261/2004.

The airline is required to rebook the passengers at the earliest convenience to his/her final destination even on other carriers and provide cash compensation. The airline had taken care of the care part by putting the stranded passenger to the airport hotel at the airline’s expense.

When I first saw this, I checked the options from Barcelona to Honolulu and there were plenty of open options via number of airlines. The airline representative basically just lied to the passengers, because she/he didn’t likely want to put the passengers on competitor’s metal to the final destination.


Here’s the airline and the rep at fault again. They should have offered to rebook the passenger at no cost on other operating airlines to the final destination. The passenger is also eligible for refund, if they decide not to use the ticket because of the long delay.


My point here is that the airlines are not doing any favors for traveling public and you absolutely must be aware of your rights under various legislation. Otherwise the airlines are more than willing to strand you for hours or days without providing adequate compensation.

These two examples were from Europe, but similar problems do exist in the United States as well. Airlines usually prey on leisure or elderly passengers and bump them without providing the proper compensation.

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