Confirmed: American Airlines Gold, Platinum & EXP Fast Track Offers Honored


Exactly a week ago American Airlines launched Gold, Platinum & Executive Platinum fast track offers on social media sites such as Google, LinkedIn etc. These non-targeted offers that were open for all non-elite AAdvantage members went viral. AA withdraw the campaign that was supposed to last until August 27 in few hours later. You can read more about this offer here.


American Airlines first gave very vague replies to members that tried to confirm that their registration for this promotion was accepted. AAdvantage was replying that the member was not part of the targeted audience and thus not eligible for it.

I wrote a follow up piece (you can read it here), where I argued that there was no way for AA to distinguish who saw what, where and when, and the only thing that AA could do was to honor them all.


American Airlines has sent out email reminders today about this promotion for those that successfully registered for it. If you received the email, it is 100% sure that the promotion is correctly applied to your account.


There was really no other way for AA than honor all the fast track sign ups that were done on time before these offers were withdrawn.

It is very difficult for me to see, how this would negatively affect AA. There will be few more Gold, Platinum and Executive Platinum members, but I doubt that the number is that great. Those members are then more likely to choose AA in the future due to elite status.