IHG Rewards Club Merchandise & Gift Card 15% Off Sale (Not Worth It)

IHG Rewards Club seems to be now sending twice monthly account statements and has some offers embedded to them. The latest one that arrived yesterday included an offer for 15% off some merchandise & gift card awards.


I just compared the price of these Mac items that IHG has on sale for 15% off and the prices that Amazon.com is selling them at and the value of IHG Rewards Club point is $0.0027. The value really is less than one third of a cent when used for merchandise.

You really shouldn’t redeem at this valuation unless you have more IHG Rewards Club points that you can ever use.

You can access IHG Rewards Club web page for this offer here. Note that this sale only applies for accounts based in the United States.


These merchandise awards typically represent very bad value and IHG Rewards Club is no exception. The value of a point that these programs have recorded on their books as a liability is so low that if they would use any higher valuation it would likely to be a “loss”for them.

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