Update On June & July Etihad Guest Gold Status Matches (Some Success)


Etihad had status match campaigns both in June and July for instant Gold status for emailing them about the similar status you have with competing airlines. You can read my articles about these campaigns here and here. I also did an update (read more here) when one LoyaltyLobby reader got negative response from Etihad Guest.


Now, finally, there have been reports that Etihad has processed some of the June status matches, but definitely not in the FIFO (first in – first out) order that they promised. Etihad advertised that they would match the first 500 that would send them the required documentation.


Some that sent in the documentation on the first date were declined for not being in the first 500 and some that sent them in mid June were approved. Doesn’t make too much sense, does it?

It seems that Etihad Guest has definitely been cherry picking the “first” 500 that suit them best. Nothing wrong with this approach BUT they shouldn’t advertise that they would only match the first 500 in order of received documents.

Also, it seems, that they have been slower to process these than originally promised. They are just now going through the June matches and the July matches are then likely to be processed sometime in September

Etihad always extends a double miles offer for business class and triple miles offer for first class for 6 weeks period after the match. You maybe able to combine this with the Businessconnect offer that I wrote (read more here) earlier this week for even more miles If you don’t have Businessconnect account, I can help with that (just email me).


I am glad that there has now been success stories with this Etihad Guest Gold status match campaign. It is not god, however, that they seems to be cherry picking the “first” 500 that they match.

Here are the terms and conditions of that double/triple miles offer:

This offer is valid for select Etihad Guest members only. Only travel in Diamond First Class and Pearl Business Class are considered for the promotion. This offer is valid for bookings between 20 August and 30 September for travel between 1 September and 15 October 2013. The bonus miles earned will depend on the fare class booked. The bonus miles will be offered only on Etihad operated flights and does not include redemption flights. The bonus miles will be credited for every eligible flight flown during the promotion period. The bonus miles earned will be Etihad Guest Miles and not Tier Miles. The bonus miles will be credited at the end of the promotion period.

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