Four Seasons “By Invitation” Loyalty Program


There was some chatter earlier this year about Four Seasons intention of launching a chainwide loyalty program by the end of this year. The company has gone through some management changes this year (CEO replaced) that may have caused some delays.


Four Season’s already has a small “By Invitation” loyalty program that is by invitation only. Some guests have received this package during their stays at Four Seasons hotels.


The main draw of this “By Invitation” besides the nice looking membership card are the room upgrade credits that you earn from your stays.

Four Seasons By Invitation Terms and Conditions 2013
Four Seasons By Invitation Terms and Conditions 2013

You earn one third of a room upgrade credit per night stayed at participating Four Seasons. You can then turn each full upgrade credit to a one night upgrade. The guest can earn room upgrade credits for up to three rooms at a time, as long as they are all billed to his/her folio. The maximum number of nights per stay that can earn room upgrade credits is maxed at 14.

Officially, you cannot stack rate based room upgrades with these upgrade credits that will render them less useful. Many rate plans booked via preferred partners include upgrades.


Let’s see what Four Season is going to do with their trial “By Invitation” loyalty program.

Are they going to introduce it as upgrade only program with some other benefits thrown in or do they become a point based program that would then enable free night awards?

Thanks for LoyaltyLobby reader for taking some snapshots of the membership material and emailing them to me.

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