The Most Liveable Cities (And Likely Tourist Friendly As Well)


The Economist Magazine’s EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) has again published a report of worlds most liveable cities that you can download here and access the Economist web page for the story here.


All of the cities is assigned a rating based on 30 qualitative and quantitative factors across five categories of stability, healthcare, culture, education and infrastructure. These are then tallied together to come up with a liveability number between 1-100, where 1 would be intolerable and 100 ideal.


There are four Australian cities and three Canadian ones in the top ten. Auckland (New Zealand),  Vienna (Austria) and Helsinki (Finland) are the other three. I have been to seven of these top ten cities and lived six years in one them (Helsinki). And I have been to the least liveable city too that is the Damascus in Syria.

The summary of the study notes that the cities with rankings of 80 or more have few, if any, challenges to living standards.


This is an interesting study that can be used to determine the hardship extra for expats working in the less liveable cities.

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