Are You Smarter Than Two Delta Diamond Agents? What Is 40,000 – 32,500?

I was laughing (or crying) when I saw this on my Facebook feed couple of weeks ago. Friend of mine had tried to change the award and the Delta Diamond agents had great difficulty doing a simple calculation:


Computer says this and computer says that is often the answer even when you call an elite desk. Sometimes, I have been wondering if these agents have any brain cells left or the ability to think anything beyond what the “computer says”. I wrote about this back in May when agents had trouble tagging my checked in bag to the final destinations (you can access the piece here).

In this instance it took three calls to achieve the award change that should have been made on the first call. Is this really the way to treat top tier elite members or any SkyMiles member?


Airlines really should make sure that the systems and the agents can do a simple calculations without having to hang up and call few times to get the right resolution to the problem.

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