Hyatt’s IT In Shambles As Reservations Gone For Many


Hyatt is again having serious IT problems, as future reservations have been gone for many for close to a week. Reservations are still active, but you cannot access them on your future reservations on


People have taken it to a Twitter to voice their displeasure, but Hyatt has made no announcement of this IT failure. There is also a thread on FlyerTalk where members have reported their experience of disappearing reservations and you can access it here.

So, if your reservations don’t appear under your online account, let Hyatt know. Maybe they get to fix this issue if enough people call in to complain or take it to the Twitter.


Hyatt has had very unstable website already for a long time that is often down for “maintenance” hours at a time during weekday business hours. I doubt that any company would do planned maintenance during busiest hours.

Few years ago, Hyatt lost many or most of the passwords associated with Gold Passport accounts. At the time, they didn’t give any public explanation for this, but you were just required to choose a new one.

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