British Airways Executive Club Introduces Lifetime Gold Status


Airline and hotels have both in recent years formalized their lifetime programs trying to give their most frequent members long term goal to stay with the program.


Now, British Airways has launched their Lifetime Gold membership that requires 35,000 tier points.


British Airways Gold maps to Oneworld Emerald status. BA Gold/Oneworld Emerald members are eligible for first class check in, first class lounge access and extra luggage allowance regardless of the ticketed cabin.


You can see the number of lifetime tier points that you have earned by simply logging in to your Executive Club account. My lifetime tier points are low because I have credited most of my Oneworld alliance flying to American Airlines.

The number of tier points required for the lifetime status at 35,000 is relatively high. The tier point requirement for yearly requalification of Gold status is 1,500. You would need 24 years to qualify for lifetime Gold status by meeting the yearly minimum tier point requirement for Gold.


I have lifetime United Premier Gold (Star Alliance Gold), American Airlines Platinum (Oneworld Sapphire), Marriott Gold and SPG Gold (on my way to Platinum).

It is good to have a long term goal with the programs, but I don’t see the benefit for me trying to get lifetime Gold status with British Airways.

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