LoyaltyLobby Website Refresh & 2000th Piece


LoyaltyLobby is soon turning two (this coming weekend) and there has been very few changes to the website since the launch.

Over the past weekend, we implemented new color (or colour) scheme that makes the text more readable.


The greatest challenge today is that people consume the web content using variety of devices and it is a challenge to ensure that the content is easily readable on both laptops and mobile phones or tablets.

We will soon change how the articles are displayed and will have updated version for the mobiles and tablets as well.

And this happens to be the 2000th piece that I have written on LoyaltyLobby.


More and more web content is consumed using tablets and mobile phones.

What works on laptops/desktops doesn’t necessarily work on mobile devices due to the limited screen size. At the same time, I don’t want to dumb down the website interface, as many websites have done, to better accommodate the mobiles.

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