IHG Rewards Club Vacation Pay Rebate Problems – All Submissions Invalidated First By Default


IHG Rewards Club had a promotion for $50 rebate for staying two weekend nights and paying with a MasterCard (you can read the piece here).


On that piece I warned readers that previous year I had all my IHG rebates wrongly invalidated first for one reason or another and that you should keep copies of the submissions that you mail.

Seems that the Parago that handles these IHG rebates (again) is playing exactly the same game this year by invalidating all the rebate submission first (to keep IHG’s costs down), but will gladly revalidate them once you call in. You can read about my problems with this same promotion last year here.

The above screenshot is from a rebate submission that LoyaltyLobby reader sent me (I have yet to mail my submissions – have to do them this weekend). The reader had paid using MasterCard, but the submission was invalidated for paying not using a MasterCard. Doesn’t make too much sense, does it? The rebate was validated by calling the IHG Rebate Center (Parago).


If you decide to deal with rebates, you need to keep records and follow up. Companies know that the more hurdles they create the greater number of valid submission will never have to be fulfilled.

Some rebate centers, this case Parago, seem to invalidate all the rebate submissions first by default, but are glad to revalidate them when you give them a call.

So, check your invalidated IHG Vacation Pay rebate status and give Parago a call or use the website chat function to have them validated.

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