Friday The 13th Flight 666 To HEL(L)


Finnair gets publicity twice a year for its Friday the 13th AY666 flight from Copenhagen to Helsinki. Even better if you get seated on the row 13.

You can read more about this flight on Guardian’s website here.


Yes. Finnair really has a flight that has number 666 and, unlike many other airlines, there is a row 13 as well. I don’t think that Finnair has too much power over the three letter designation of HEL that stands for Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.


Seems that the flight was a non-event yesterday as well.


There are many hotels that are missing the floors 13 (due to Westerners) and 14 (sounds bad in Chinese). If the hotel is missing the floors 13 and 14, isn’t the floor 15 really the unlucky floor?

Even if I am not a superstitious person, it may not be the best idea to operate a flight with a flight number 666, although the publicity that Finnair gets from this may override any negative perceptions that the airline may get.