Compensation Clinic: Aloft BWI Baltimore Washington International Airport


LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a question, whether the compensation provided for water problems at Aloft BWIl had been adequate.

The front desk clerk has asked if the compensation offered was ok?


This was an airport layover.  Last night I checked in late and quickly was getting ready for bed, so I was already in jammies when I first used the sink. the water was spurting like when the water has been shut off for a while, then was slightly discolored, again like when the pipes have not been used, and then ran full and clear at which point I used it to brush my teeth and wash up.  It did not occur to me to test out the shower.

This morning the sink worked fine but the shower (no tub, this was an Aloft) did the sputterring thing and then only dribbled almost straight down over the soap dish area, never came up to full like the sink had the night before, and even with the tap turned all the way to hot never gave hot water. I had a plane to catch so I just splashed and soaped a bit but in no means actually showered and certainly could not wash my hair. Good thing I had no meetings or recreation planned in the area and was only going to get on a plane to go home.

When I checked out and said I was not happy, I was asked if I called and had maintenance come, no there wasn’t time; was told they would have given me another room to shower in, which I would have wanted had there been time and had I had a real place to go but what a pain and would not have made me totally happy; was told a fixture had broken the day or evening before in another room in the same plumbing block so the water had been off for a while so it should have been fine by this morning but they were not saying I was lying about my shower problem; all this from someone who stepped up when I was talking to the front desk clerk so perhaps he was the manager; and then he said the clerk would take good care of me.  In first relating what happened with the shower, after a pause in which I was uncertain what if any the response would be and before the manager stepped in, I had said I am platinum, that I have stayed in this hotel a lot, never had a problem before, but I was not happy.  I repeated that last bit after he started talking and seemed to be suggesting I should have done something differently.  I was very tired, which probably was apparent, and speaking in a quiet flat voice.  anyway, after he said she would take good care of me, she typed a bit in the computer to find my room, name, etc. and said she would put 3,000 points in my account, is that okay?

Here is why I think 3,000 points was fair.  I think it basically comped my room.  I was staying on cash and points, 2,000 points plus $35 and this hotel gives platinum members a $10 food & beverage credit.

I think that the compensation offered was fair. The Aloft BWI is SPG award category 2 hotel and usually requires 4,000 points for a complimentary night. 3,000 points was 75% of this.

So, here the reader was not sure, if she should have asked more on the spot. There is no harm done to ask. All they can say is no. The reader had stayed at this hotel several times in the past, so the hotel certainly wanted to make sure that she would return.


What I normally do, if I have a problem, is to have an idea about the number of points that I would prefer getting for the inconvenience and communicate that to the management/ front desk. Enough points for a free night at the same category hotel for major inconvenience such as unable to shower is fair.

Starwood affiliated hotels tend to be fair and fast correcting any problems and providing compensation. No hotel wants the guest to open a complaint with the corporate that usually charges the hotel $100 to $200 intervention fee.

Remember that you can always drop me an email about the problems you have had with travel providers and the resolution (compensation) offered. I’ll have one example every Sunday.

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