Whine Wednesdays: Hotel Room Office Desks/Work Space


Sometimes, I am just rolling my eyes when I see the chair & desk setup at some hotels. It makes you wonder if folks that design these have any clues of the business travelers’ needs?


Above is the setup at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Kuala Lumpur and it is one of the very worst that I have seen for a while:

– It is a closet like.

– You are staring at yourself in a mirror.

– Chair was way too low and extremely uncomfortable. Bearable after you added two pillows.

– Not enough space.

– Impossible to watch TV at the same time.

It is truly mind-boggling that so many hotels don’t get it right:

– The chair has to be comfortable and adjustable.

– The desk should be big enough for a laptop or two and papers.

– Unobstructed view of TV.

– Space around.

– Enough power outlets.


If the “office” space is as horrible, as on the photo above, I try to get things done in the club lounge. Usually, they are really quiet outside the morning breakfast and evening happy/alco hours.

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