Compensation Clinic: Hilton Tokyo (Great Compensation!)


A LoyaltyLobby reader from Bangkok had quite a few issues at the Hilton hotel in Tokyo and forwarded me the communication that he had with Hilton Guests Assistance department (with great compensation success).


The problems that the reader had with the Tokyo location sounded familiar to those issues that I personally had with their Narita Airport hotel. You can read more about my issues with the Hilton Narita here.

Copy Of The Email Sent To Hilton Guest Assistance:

For this week I had two reservations for the HILTON TOKYO where I stayed 3 times previously. At all three previous occasions there have been issues with the Upgrades for Hilton Diamond Members and the overall checkin process that always took at least 25-30 minutes. Repeatedly I was assigned a Standard Room at all of these occasions. Only after intensive discussions I was able to in the end receive room types ranging from Executive to Corner Rooms and once a Junior Suite (which was really just a larger room). I was promised these events were not recurring by the former Manager on Duty Mr Andrew who in the meanwhile left the property.

For the current two reservations I have specifically included in the comments that I expect the hotel to this time prepare it without discussions at the property. Sure enough once I reached the Hilton Tokyo after my 11 Hours flight from Vancouver and another 2 hours Transfer time from Tokyo’s Narita Airport I was once again offered a Standard Room, King Bed at the arrival time 4:20pm. As I advised previously I asked to speak with the General Manager of the Hotel who would not avail himself to a meeting. Instead three gentlemen from the front office tried to talk to me about the matter. Since this was not the first incident but rather number four I insisted on the Senior Management.

In the end I was able to talk to Mrs Helen J. the Operations Manager of the Hotel. I mentioned my dissatisfaction with the Hotels obvious policy to not upgrade on a voluntary basis even for Diamond Members, me previous experiences at the property and certain other issues occurring during my check-in. Considering the situation I inquired with local hotels for alternate accommodation instead of the Hilton Tokyo. The second reservation for Sunday I already canceled as a result of this matter. Since the check-in agent checked me into a Standard Room and completed the checkin process without this mentioning it was not possible for me anymore to manually cancel the current stay myself even though I was still well within the cancellation timeframe. A credit card was never presented as I stopped the checkin process as soon as I received the registration card.

After a nice conversation, Mrs J. was able to free up accommodation on the 22nd floor, a Suite, and promised these incidents would not occur again. We also had a look at the newly renovated executive style rooms for consideration upon future stays. At this point it was 6pm, almost 2 hours after my arrival. I then proceeded to the club lounge. I was greeted by the lounge staff who had a waiting list of 8 people and there was no space available to sit and either enjoy cocktails or food offerings. Further guests came up and left again due to lack of space. I was offered to have a cocktail on the second floor which I declined. As per the lounge staff, the hotel sold an above average amount of club packages due to a Japanese holiday that lead to massive overcrowding of the club. Clearly a revenue rising measure on the expense of the guests who usually use the Hilton Club Lounge for a comfortable and quiet environment to enjoy the evening cocktail or breakfast. This is just as the other situations completely unacceptable.

I had no further desire to stay at the Hilton Tokyo at all and contacted Mrs J. again (and I want to outline she tried her best to help in this matter but the hotels infrastructure at the given day did not allow for any satisfactory result) to inquire about her previous offer to change to the Conrad Tokyo. At this time it was 6:50pm, 2:30h after my arrival.

Researching the conditions I was told the Conrad would charge me 80,000 Hilton HHonors Points vs the 20,000 Points plus 7000 Yen at the current reservation. I gave up and contacted the Hyatt Tokyo next door from the Hilton and proceeded with my luggage over there. The Hotel had a quiet lounge environment in a recently renovated Regency Club and a proper Upgrade for their Diamond Guests available. The Hotel was able to offer me a discounted rate due to the inconveniences on that day to win me as a customer. The bill came to 16,800 JPY plus local Tax and 10% Service Charge, Total 18,680 JPY.

To wrap up this incident I would like to open an official file against the TOKYO HILTON with the above mentioned content and the following bullet points of concern.

1. Hotel Policy for Diamond Treatment is unacceptable.

2. The fact that the General Manager doesn’t avail himself to speak to a guest with these repeated issues is outrageous.

3. Repeated issues like the check-in are substandard for a full service Hilton Hotel.

4. Due to some Elevators being out of Service the wait time for one elevator ride reached 11 Minutes at one time.

5. Overcrowding of the Club Lounge as a result of excessive sales so that guests are turned away is COMPLETELY unacceptable.

6. The matter that it took me, after a lot of goodwill, 2:30h to finally deal with the situation and unfortunately decide to leave the property warrants:

a) The property HILTON TOKYO to compensate me for the time lost in the process.

b) The property HILTON TOKYO to compensate me for the increased rate I had to pay for my alternate accommodation.

I would like to ask the Guest Assistance Team of Hilton Corporate to take measures at this property to ensure standards are met in the future and the hotel drops it’s outrageous policies in terms of HHonors Diamond treatment.


Hilton Guest Assistance Reply:

Thank you for your email regarding your stay at the Hilton Tokyo. Please accept my sincere apologies for the issues with your stay, as well as with the time this matter has taken to be resolved. I have documented your comments with the hotel’s management, as well as our quality assurance department so that these issues can be evaluated during the hotel’s next assessment, which we perform twice yearly at all of our locations worldwide to ensure that the hotels are meeting or exceeding our corporate standards.

I am very sorry for the time that you did end up spending on this issue. For the issues at the hotel, as well as for the time it has taken to get this matter addressed, I would be happy to offer you two (2) Be My Guest certificates, which will be good for one free night each at any of our hotels worldwide regardless of brand, whether it be a Conrad or Waldorf Astoria, or even a Hampton Inn if you choose. The certificates are for standard rooms, but your Diamond upgrade benefit does apply to any reservation or stay made with these certificates. The certificates will be mailed to the following address unless otherwise requested:


This was excellent outcome compensation wise. The LoyaltyLobby reader received two Be My Guest-certificates (you can read more about these BMG certificates here) that can be used at any Hilton family hotel worldwide due to the inconveniences experienced at Hilton Tokyo.

I am not sure what is the problem with these Hilton properties in Tokyo. I have had bad experiences with the Hilton Narita, as have a few of my friends. Personally, I have not stayed at the Hilton Tokyo hotel and it is certainly not on my list to visit either if their Hilton HHonors Diamond guest treatment is always what was outlined on the complaint above.

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