Marriott Changing Bathroom Amenity Lines: THANN & Acca Kappa Replace Aromatherapy


There was something positive coming from Marriott last week. Marriott has finally decided to ditch the current line of bathroom amenities.

You can read Marriott’s press release about this change here.


Marriott hotels in the Americas and in the Asia Pacific region will have a new THANN line of bathroom products by the end of the year. Hotels in Europe and Middle East will carry Acca Kappa Green Mandarin line of products.


THANN products at Renaissance Bangkok

THANN is a Thai brand and Renaissance hotel in Bangkok used to carry it by default and it was still available by request only on my last visit.

It is interesting to see if THANN has gone cheap on the hotel line that is likely made/distributed by Sysco. Acca Kappa line is available on request at Hilton’s Conrad brand of hotels.


I have liked these THANN products a lot and truly hope that they haven’t downgraded their Marriott line of products too severely.

It never ceases to amaze me that some of the hotels carry very poor quality bathroom amenities. What would be better than the guests liking your products so much that they take some back home and then remembering the hotel when using them?