Thai Airways Vs. Qatar Airways Vs. Singapore Airlines (Not What You Would Think)


As I normally have international news channels (CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, CNBC, Aljazeera etc.) on in hotel rooms/suites while working, I get bombarded with ads that are targeted to business travelers.


Last year, there was this huge Emirates campaign that was going on for months with very long advertisements. Haven’t seem Emirates TV ads for a while. Now, however, there are these three commercials from Thai, Qatar, and Singapore playing on heavy rotation.

Have you seen them, what is your favorite and why?

Thai Airways – Experience Thainess (International Spot)

I like the music on this commercial. At some point it is more of a commercial for A380 than the airline itself. There is bit of a hard sell at the end with the route map.

Qatar Airways & FCB – Team That Unites The World

Not sure that it is the best time be playing this commercial considering the labor issues in Qatar and the discussion, whether the summer world cup should have been awarded to Doha, is going on. Also, it more of an ad for the football club than the airline.

I am sure that this works if you know the players that must be on the ads, but I don’t know single one of them. Is the FC Barcelona really a global brand? The ad is really long (90 seconds).

Singapore Airlines – Understanding Your Needs

These Singapore Airlines videos always feature the Singapore “girl” that the airline is known for. You don’t normally see them on the business or first class cabins, however.

Is this a tea commercial or one for Singapore Airlines? I like the music and the production must have been very expensive.


The Thai commercial doesn’t have the best production of these three, but it is my favorite of them. I like the calmness of the Singapore Airlines one. The Qatar one doesn’t work with me at all due to the football aspect.

What is your favorite and why?

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