Evicted After 9-Year Stay At Racine Marriott Hotel


Racine Marriott, Wisconsin, is evicting a disabled woman that has been staying at the hotel for nine years, but is now $29,000 late in payments to the hotel.

You can read more about this on The Journal Times website here.


Depending of the length of your stay at a hotel, you may have become a tenant and the hotel must use the eviction procedures to get the guest out. This often takes quite some time.


The guest’s rate at the Racine Marriott had been $89 per night, that is likely a long-term/government rate in Wisconsin. Considering the length of her stay and the per night charge, she should have been a lifetime Platinum already few years ago.

The non-payment of hotel charges have now likely disqualified her from the Marriott Rewards program, however.


Obviously, something terrible went wrong with her life nine years ago. Her eight year stay that has been paid for must have cost someone around $260,000 without any local taxes. That amount would have likely bought her another home.