Truth In Advertising? Sheraton’s Club Lounge Ads?


The WSJ here in Asia has been carrying numerous ads for Starwood’s Sheraton brand to advertise their Club-product.

For the record, Starwood’s Sheraton product, including the Club lounges, is usually much better in Asia compared to North America, but this applies for pretty much all hotel brands.


Implying, however, that all the Sheraton’s would have a club lounge or that the lounge would be something described in the ad is a long stretch.


Whenever Starwood advertises their Sheraton Club product, the lounge at the Sheraton Garden Grove comes to my mind. The picture below tells the entire evening (not so happy) “happy” hour story.


Sheraton Resorts are not required to have a club lounge and some properties have permission from the brand not to have one.

Also, there are hotels like Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit that don’t have a club lounge, but that provide club-type benefits (actually far better at SGS) at their other outlets.


I always say that companies should under-promise and over-deliver. Promising something that not all the properties are able or willing to provide and when there is no list of these properties, is a recipe for a disaster.