Shrinking Airline Seats & Widening Passengers


WSJ (Wall Street Journal) had an interesting piece yesterday about the shrinking width of the airplane seats in economy. You can access the full article here.


Airlines have started to order their planes with more seats per row than previously and this will lead to tighter space for all in economy. Especially those that have heavy frame or are overweight will feel uncomfortable in coach.

Adding more seats per row has brought the usual short-haul configuration to long-haul flights. According to the head of Emirates, the airline tries to distract passengers by offering bigger meals (doesn’t this lead to even large passengers?), service and entertainment.


Last year, I felt absolutely miserable on one economy flight from Guangzhou to Dubai. The price from Seoul was right, but the space on the long-haul segment was so miserable that I ended up spending most of the flight in the galley. There was no way that I could spend the time sitting on that tiny seat.