BA Flies Granny To Grenada Instead Of Granada


There have been occasional stories of someone flying to Auckland (New Zealand) instead of Oakland (California) due to airport name mismatch. I have never, however, seen anyone mistake Grenada for Granada or vice versa.

You can access this entire story on Daily Mail’s website here.


62-year old had been using his late husbands Avios trying to get to Granada and BA had booked her to Grenada. I still cannot understand, however, how someone can be so utterly unaware of number of miles and taxes/fees required to Grenada instead of Granada that they wouldn’t notice anything during the booking process.


According to the Daily Mail, the elderly lady had told her seatmates that she was going to visit Alhambra in Granada and they had then figured out that she was going to entirely wrong destinations.

BA had offloaded her in St. Lucia and rerouted a day later via Gatwick to Malaga (the city closest to Granada). BA had refunded the extra Avios to her account and throw in enough for a trip to New Zealand that she had dreamed of visiting.


This is a good reminder to ALWAYS check that you have been ticketed to the right destination, the eticket has actually been issued and that you have boarded the right plane.