Cashback Now Available For Hyatt Stays


It took a long time for Hyatt to sign up for one of the referrals programs and start giving out cashback to affiliates that they are distributing to their members.


Now, Ebates is offering 2% cashback for completed Hyatt stays that are booked using the referral link. I have written about getting cashback for your travel purchases (read more here).

You can get $5 bonus for signing up for Ebates (sign up here) and making a purchase of $25 or more. Note that Ebates pays out using PayPal and is available for worldwide audience.

Cashback is not yet available for Hyatt stays using MrRebates or TopCashback, but I would imagine Hyatt to be available using those two services soon as well.

Note that the cashback is not available for bookings made using corporate codes, government discount or award ones (no surprises here).


What took Hyatt so long to sign up for one of these referrals programs? I would have made thousands in cashback for Hyatt stays that I have done over the years. Better late than never.

If you sign up for Ebates, MrRebates or TopCashback using the links, you are supporting LoyaltyLobby at the same time.

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