Whine Wednesdays: Luggage Carousel-Syndrome


This is a very serious disease that many passengers that have checked in a bag or two get infected with. Also, it seems that the deeper in the coach the passengers are seated the more serious the condition is.


Seriously, unlike many passengers seem to believe, the baggage doesn’t get offloaded sooner or their bags come out on the luggage carousel any faster the closer to the conveyor belt you are positioned.

I just hate, when some (most) of the passengers try to be as close to the belt as possible obstructing the view of the luggage on the carousel.

Have you ever been infected with this serious non-curable disease?


Luckily, I am still usually one of the taller ones and can, most of the time, observe from a few steps behind the status of my checked bag. I try to travel only with a carry-on, but some airlines have really low carry-on weight limit and sometimes it is also not possible due to liquids.