United MileagePlus Partner Award Chart (Current/New) Comparison (Read It And Weep)


United Airlines made an announcement yesterday night about changes coming to its award and upgrade charts starting on February 1, 2014 (access my piece here).


The changes are drastic and will affect most adversely those (like me) that use United miles for international business and first class awards on partner airlines.

Download (PDF, 267KB)

We have now put together this PDF that shows both the old and the new mileage requirement between regions, the number of miles that went up (white) and down (red) and this is in percentage terms as well.

Note that the RED in this PDF is actually good and all the other numbers in WHITE are bad.

There are some markets such as Mexico, Caribbean, and Southern South America, where the number of miles required for awards went down. Most of the other markets saw significant rises in number of miles required.

Especially hard hit were South Asia, North Asia and Japan, where the rise in number of miles required for travel is in some instances 120%.


Personally, I don’t like the fact that United now “punishes” those that use partner airlines for award travel. There are many markets, where United doesn’t fly or have any award inventory available.

Also, if you must use partner segment to connect to a United flight, it would likely mean the higher partner award chart than the lower United one.

These are changes that United MileagePlus members definitely do not like.