Compensation Clinic: Hilton Warsaw


LoyaltyLobby reader from UK emailed me about this surprising compensation experience at the Hilton Warsaw after leaving a TripAdvisor review.


The reader likes the Hilton Warsaw hotel and compliments the “hardware”, but where everything starts to fall apart is the service “software”. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon with modern hotels.


You can access the entire TripAdvisor review here.

Here’s summary of the problems:

– Disinterested front desk agent at check in

– Room allocation and club access as a favor, although the latter is guarantees if Executive level guest

– Problem with “merging” several reservations

– Key cards stopped working

– Continuing problems with the front desk

– Less than stellar check out experience

The reader had not contacted the hotel or Hilton Guest Assistance to inform about the issues with the stay. The hotel, however, contacted the guest after his TripAdvisor review, as the name on the TripAdvisor is the real one.

The GM (General Manager) of the hotel had contacted the guest after his stay and offered couple of free nights at the executive suite for the inconveniences caused. Reader had accepted this and extended his stay by paying an additional three nights at an executive room that the hotel has upgraded to the same suite.


Whether you prefer using a real name or handle, as the TripAdvisor screen name, is obviously up to you. If you use your real name, the review can be seen by anyone doing a Google search about you and it will stay on the internet forever.

I would have opened a case with the Hilton Guest Assistance first and request a compensation utilizing that avenue. The offer that the reader received from the hotel is very good, however.

Hotels often doesn’t appear to realize that the check in experience set the tone for the entire stay. Once or twice a year, my check in experience is so bad that I decide to cancel the stay on the spot and go stay somewhere else. It is very difficult to turn the stay around after negative experience at the time of checking in.

You can always drop me an email about what went wrong with the travel provider, how you have feedback (complained) and what was offered as a compensation. I’ll have a Compensation Clinic piece every Sunday.