IHG Rewards Club “Free” Internet & Lack Of Speed


LoyaltyLobby reader from the UK sent me an email with the Speedtest screenshot attached about the quality of the IHG Rewards Club free internet speed at the Crowne Plaza Marlow.

I recently wrote about the hotel internet speeds at the Whine Wednesdays-series (access the piece here).


Currently the internet is free for IHG Rewards Club Gold and Platinum members. Starting in next January the internet is going to be free for all IHG Rewards Club members regardless of their status.

The problem is that some hotels are severely throttling the speed of the free internet option to the point that is useless for anything else than most basic email. The same hotels are more than willing to sell premium packages with higher speed at a price.

I think that IHG Rewards Club made a mistake here by not defining (at least I have not seen anything in public – could be on the brand standard manual) the minimum acceptable speed for the complimentary internet.

For my use, the minimum acceptable speed is 2 – 3 MBPS that would be about five to six times faster than the example above.


The only way forward is for the hotels to upgrade their internet connections and offer higher minimum connectivity for their members.

People are quite frankly mad and rightfully so, if the benefit is so bad that it becomes useless. I sometimes choose hotels based on their internet speeds, if I have had a need to upload or download large files.

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