TAM Fidelidade Award Sale


To Celebrate TAM Fidelidade program’s 20th anniversary the company announced an award sale for TAM’s destinations worldwide.


This offer is valid for ticketing between November 2-17, 2013, and the valid travel dates are destination specific.


National – February 1-28, 2014

South America – December 1 – My 31, 2014

North America – February 1 – May 31, 2014

Europe – December 1 – May 31, 2014

The prices are likely per way (I was not able to find an English version of this) and have certain limitation about the number of miles redeemed after which this offer is no longer available.

You can access TAM’s web page in Portuguese about this sale here.


TAM’s website is truly horrible and they have very little information available in English.

The distinction with Fidelidade and Multiplus is a mystery to me, but I expect it to be same arrangements as with Air Canada and Aeroplan. Multiplus is a separate company listed on Brazil’s stock exchange, but TAM’s owns majority of it.

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