Whine Wednesdays: Skype & FaceTime Usage In Hotel & Airline Lounges


Increasing number of travelers have mobile gadgets that allow Skype and FaceTime video and voice connections at practically no cost. This is a great way to keep in touch with friends & family members but….


Some don’t appear to realize that I could care less to listen to what is happening in their lives, when they don’t have headsets and have their gadget at full volume and often shouting due to so-so connections.

I don’t usually use Skype or video conferencing from hotel or airlines lounges. If I do, however, I make sure that I step out outside, so that I am not disturbing other guests. If someone “misbehaves”, I usually try to put on earphone and listen to some music.

Earlier in the year, when I was with a friend at the Club lounge of the new JW Marriott Marquis hotel in Dubai, someone was having a FaceTime conversation in the nearby space about some United tickets and we could hear every single word they exchanged. Additionally, this gentleman was on the other side of partitioned room… and it was clear as a bell!

It was so disturbing that I went and said to the chap that he probably doesn’t realize, but we heard every single word they are exchanging and wouldn’t he mind toning it down a bit?


It seems that some don’t know how to use modern technology without disturbing others. Airline and hotel lounges are semi-public spaces, where people do go on about their lives.

This does not mean however that people shouldn’t extend common courtesy to others and hold their audible FaceTime or Skype conversations somewhere else.

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