Boeing 777X Launch


There is an interesting piece on the WSJ (read here) about the launch of the new Boeing 777X that should happen at the Dubai Airshow that starts tomorrow (November 17).


The plane is expected to hold 350 to 400 passengers and be ready for deployment sometime around 2020 (you never know with the new airplanes), although this is more of a derivative of the current 777 than a brand new model.

The airplane has been designed the three gulf carriers (Emirates, Etihad & Qatar) in mind and allows take offs better from extremely hot environments such as the Gulf countries due to wider wing span.

The airplane is expected to be 20% more fuel efficient due to carbon-fiber wings and other advancements.


Let’s hope that Boeing has more luck with this new iteration of 777 than with the launch of the 787 “Dreamliner”.

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