Hyatt Backpedals On Its Diamond Status Promise For Credit Card Holders (Claims An Error)


The other day, a LoyaltyLobby reader forwarded me an email that he had received from Hyatt promising a Diamond status for the duration of the card membership (read more here).


There were comments that were asserting that someone must have Photoshopped the offer and it would/could not have included the Diamond membership.

It is very difficult for me to understand, how someone could have inserted a web page into Hyatt’s server, then gathered membership info (email, account number & balance) and sent the email out, if it hadn’t been done by Hyatt.

This offer was likely sent out to thousands if not tens of thousands of Hyatt Gold Passport members.

Hyatt sent out the email above yesterday and apologized for this “error” claiming that they would take measures that it would never happen again.


My personal opinion is that Hyatt should “man” up and live up to the written promise they made. They should take better precautions, when emailing out offers, to ensure that they are correct.

What would it cost anyway to extend the Diamond status for the duration of the card membership? Hardly anything.

How someone is supposed to know the distinction between a really good offer and an error? I am getting sick and tired of offers that the airlines and hotels extend and later claim that they were made in an “error”.

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