IHG Rewards Club Account Audit


A LoyaltyLobby reader pointed me out to a thread on Chinese travel forum Flyertea, where members were discussing audit process that someone’s account was going through (access the post here).


Some other member had his IHG Rewards Club account closed, Point Breaks reservations canceled, and the points forfeited.

I have never come across a situation, where IHG Rewards Club would have canceled a legit account. I always advise against opening multiple accounts. It is ok to have an account for each member of the family, however. If you have multiple accounts, it is common for IHG to combine or close them.

Also, there were some “promotions” previously that didn’t require any stays and you could get thousands of points for some activity. I remember that many had their accounts closed that were opened for this purpose.

I have not across anyone that would have had their account closed for registering valid promotions and getting points for their stays.


I am still wondering what the member, who had his/her account closed, had really done? It is very difficult for me to understand that IHG Rewards Club would have closed it for earning points for your stays and then burning them on Point Breaks.

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